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Trainer, learner, reader, writer, former CFO

Jennifer K. Crittenden

I’m a lifelong student and love to share what I learn. I sincerely hope that sharing and discussing knowledge, opinions, and perspectives will allow us to learn from each other and understand each other better.

My day job is as trainer, teacher, and coach. My training company, Discreet Guide®, helps people develop better speaking, writing, and presentation skills. I also take on a few clients for career coaching. You can find more information at https://training.discreetguide.com/.

Author: I started writing books in 2012, focusing initially on professional development training. I branched out into creative nonfiction centered in the Eastern Sierra region of California. You can find my books everywhere, but here they are all together (Amazon trigger warning). Also, I make nothing if you click on that link. If you buy a book, I do make something.

Publisher: As part of becoming an author, I created Whistling Rabbit Press, a boutique publishing company. I do consider unsolicited manuscripts, but note that our catalog is very limited. I do wish you the best of luck with your writing. Details are at https://www.whistlingrabbitpress.com/.

Whistling Rabbit Press sponsors the Eastern Sierra Book Festival, which takes place annually in Mammoth Lakes, California. Authors and book lovers can learn more at Eastern Sierra Book Festival.

Education: I earned a BA in Linguistics and French with high distinction from Indiana University, a Baccalaureate certificate in Film Studies, and an MBA in Finance and MIS from the Kelley School of Business.

Career: For over twenty years, I worked for big pharma and biotech companies in the U.S., U.K. and Europe, rising from financial analyst to CFO. You can learn more from my LinkedIn profile.

Interests: I have always loved words and languages. My interest intensified after I spent several years in Europe as a girl. In college, I majored in Linguistics and added a smattering of Spanish, German, and Latin to my French foundation.

Raised without television, I became an avid movie buff as a young adult and continue to spend a lot of my free time watching shows. Being alive during this golden era of Peak TV is quite extraordinary.

I was blessed with a father who read to me which triggered an everlasting love of books, the world of which I continue to explore and revere.

Continuing Education:

Courses in: Literature, Writing, Teaching English, and Piano

Where: Gotham Writers Workshop, UCLA and UCSD Extension, Cerro Coso, Mira Costa, Teaching House, Coursera, and Udemy.